Third-person action RPG Remnant 2 is now officially out in the wild, which means the folks over at Digital Foundry have had the chance to take a good look at the game on current-gen platforms. The big takeaway here is that the dev team seems to have really benefited from leaving last-gen behind, with DF claiming the game's use of UE5 'nanite' technology is a "showcase" for what Unreal Engine can do.

Given Remnant: From the Ashes never felt like a full-on 'AAA' title, we must admit that we're quite impressed with how Remnant 2 is looking on Xbox Series X|S. You can check the video up above to see the game in action, and here's a quick summary from the analysis on how this supercharged sequel is looking at release:

"While Remnant 2 definitely has its technical flaws, as one of the first Unreal Engine 5 games around it proves the capability of UE5's Nanite tech with a level of visual complexity that outstrips last-gen software. Whether you like or dislike the reliance on procedural systems, it's hard to deny that every hand-crafted piece of Remnant 2's environments comes packed with polygonal detail and looks quite pleasing in game."

So, visually it certainly impresses, but what about performance? Sadly, the game doesn't fare quite as well in this area, especially using the higher frame rate options. However, the Xbox Series X gets a much-welcome boost with the addition of 120Hz support that isn't available on any other console. Here's how DF sums it up:

"Series X is basically identical to PS5 in terms of performance, dropping frames in the same places, and generally turning in good performance despite some substantial dips. However, there is one curious difference - namely that Series X allows the game to run in a proper 120Hz container, allowing for higher frame-rates than 60fps, something that PS5 does not do."

So, the Series X version definitely looks the most versatile of the bunch, even if that 120Hz mode won't hit the top 120FPS limit very often. The Xbox Series S version unfortunately only contains one 30FPS mode, although it sounds pretty stable during gameplay.

DF rounds things out by saying that if these performance hiccups are smoothed over, Remnant 2 will be a really solid current-gen release, especially given how impressive its nanite technology looks! If you'd like to read about how the game has fared with the critics, we'll drop a link to our review roundup down below.

Are you tempted to look at Remnant 2 to show off the power of your Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments!