Upcoming action RPG Remnant 2 is right around the corner, and ahead of the game's July 25th launch date, the team working on the title has gone into a bit more detail on how Remnant 2 will perform on consoles.

To put it simply, both Xbox Series X and PS5 will contain multiple modes, and which you go for will depend on personal preference. You'll have a Quality mode that prioritizes graphics above all, a Performance mode that aims for the absolute best frame rate possible, and a Balanced option that sits somewhere in between.

At the moment, the actual figures behind these three modes haven't been disclosed (aside from the fact that 'Performance' aims for 60FPS), but the Xbox Series S numbers have been revealed. Microsoft's all-digital console will contain one 1080p / 30FPS mode.

Remnant 2 Dev Confirms Graphics Options For Xbox Series X And S 2

We're hoping that in the coming days, the team at Gunfire Games breaks down the numbers on all of these Xbox Series X modes so we have a clearer idea of where things stand. Oh, and a 60FPS option for Xbox Series S would be nice, although such a move looks unlikely for next week's launch.

What do you think to all of this? Would you still play Remnant 2 on Series S? Let us know down below.