Poll: Are You Happy With August 2023's Xbox Games With Gold?

Microsoft has officially announced August 2023's Xbox Games with Gold, giving us a look at two more games we'll be able to play at no extra cost with our Xbox Live Gold memberships next month.

This month's selection includes the 2021 3D platformer Blue Fire along with the indie racing title Inertial Drift, and both of these look set to be the final Xbox Games with Gold of all time - with the program disappearing on September 1st.

We'll be totally honest and say that for the final month in Xbox Games with Gold history, we expected something a little more "AAA" than what we're getting here. Still, both of these are highly-rated games, so that's a positive!

Are You Happy With August's Xbox Games With Gold? (406 votes)

  1. I'm very happy!7%
  2. I'm quite happy12%
  3. They're OK22%
  4. I'm not very happy25%
  5. They're terrible!35%

Which Are You Most Excited For? (339 votes)

  1. Blue Fire20%
  2. Inertial Drift23%
  3. Neither of them!57%

Let us know how you're feeling about August 2023's Xbox Games With Gold down below.