Last summer, Naraka: Bladepoint brought its hack-and-slash battle royale shenanigans to Xbox Game Pass, quickly followed up by a free co-op campaign mode called 'Showdown' as a post-launch update. Well, next week is the time for Bladepoint to go fully free-to-play, and Game Pass users are getting some neat rewards as the game transitions.

July 13th is the big free-to-play day, when developer 24 Entertainment will open the doors of its popular battle royale to all. On that same date, all Xbox Game Pass members will get a free upgrade to the game's 'Deluxe Edition', which removes some feature and currency earn-rate restrictions, alongside granting all players 300 Hero Coins right from the get-go.

The team's new blog post detailing the whole free-to-play switchover also mentions more "in-game rewards" for Game Pass players, but they haven't been detailed just yet. We'll be keeping an eye out for news on these in the coming days.

Finally, the 'Capture the Spirit Well' Game mode is also inbound for Naraka: Bladepoint, bringing hectic 12v12 objective-based action to the title. You can check out the team's introduction to this new mode up above at the top of the article!

Are you thinking you might try this out once its free-to-play? Let us know if you'll be jumping into the new game mode down below.