You ever heard of Stumble Guys? No, not Fall Guys... it's Stumble Guys! You might laugh, but this game has been a huge hit on mobile over the past couple of years. And it's now coming to Xbox as a timed console exclusive.

Stumble Guys pretty much follows the same formula as Fall Guys, requiring you to "run, stumble and fall against up to 32 players" in an attempt to take the crown. The Xbox version will feature cross-platform progression, meaning you can continue where you left off on mobile and/or PC - and all versions of the game are free to download.

Here's a bit more about what to expect from Stumble Guys:

"Stumble Guys is a party battle royale game that features extremely fast-paced multiplayer gameplay; social mechanics that make playing with friends easy; a wide array of challenging and imaginative events, tournaments and levels; multiple game-play modes; personalized and expressive customization options; and more.

A competitive experience that is inclusive to everyone from beginners to experts allowing players with high mastery to perform unbelievable feats, the game also delivers market-leading technical capabilities for players to enjoy the most seamless experience possible. Are you ready to space race, skydive, waterslide, run, jump, fail, smash, boot, punch, hug, and battle? Join the fun and ridiculous chaos until one victor remains!"

There's no release date for Stumble Guys on Xbox yet, but we do know that players can pre-register now on the game's official website for early beta access, along with some free launch gifts. We also don't know how long the timed exclusivity will be - all the press release mentions is that it will "launch first on Xbox".

You can check out some Stumble Guys screenshots below:

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