Announced back at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended event in June, the latest Hi-Fi RUSH update is out now, and it's a big one! Packed with two new game modes and more, Tango's 2023 Game Pass title gets even more free content.

The main addition here is that pair of aforementioned game modes that are brand-new to Hi-Fi RUSH with the 'Arcade Challenge! Update!' Here's a breakdown of the two modes, straight from Bethesda HQ:


"BPM RUSH! features an increasingly challenging gauntlet of enemies, including some new baddies with some fearsome tricks. It’s not just the reinforcements each round that will test your skills: the beats-per-minute, or BPM, of the music also increases! This means each round gets more intense as the enemy onslaught gets swifter AND your rhythm-amplified moves ramp up in speed.

You’d think you’d need a double pedal to keep up with later stages clocking up to 200 BPM, but keeping your cool is what’s essential: while enemy attacks are sped up with the increasing tempo, Hi-Fi RUSH’s action always remains synced to the beat. Maintaining control of the frenetic chaos and staying in rhythm as opposed to attempting to track every beat will turn any panicked player into a lightning-fast whirlwind of musical destruction. (Chai told us to call him that.)"

Power Up! Tower Up!

"In Power Up! Tower Up!, players face an ascending series of battles similar to Hi-Fi RUSH’s Rhythm Tower mode, unlocked after your first playthrough. This version of the Tower is special, however, as it sapped Chai of all his fancy powers and abilities! Thankfully, with each battle conquered, players can rebuild and power up Chai by choosing random Upgrades for a real comeback story!

Pay close attention to the Bonuses and Bugs offered by certain Upgrades. These unique modifiers offer both boons and challenges that add a special modifier to the next bout on top of their usual stats. Keeping track of Chai’s progress and your chosen Upgrades can offer different strategies for victory, making each run to boost that high score different from the last."

Tango has also added some new rewards with this update including new Photo Mode stickers and outfits for Chai and his team, along with what the studio describes as "something secret, hidden deep underneath the campus of Vandelay Technologies". They're remaining tight-lipped on that last one!

The 'Arcade Challenge! Update!' is out now on Xbox, including Game Pass, and the patch clocks in at around 3.6GB on Xbox Series X.

Will this give you a reason to hop and bop back onto Hi-Fi RUSH? Let us know what you think!