EA's Not-FIFA Football Game Supposedly Launches In September
Image: FIFA 23, EA

2023 marks the year that EA is officially breaking up with FIFA, as the decades-long partnership finally comes to a close. Of course, that isn't stopping the game maker from releasing a football (soccer) game this year, and we have a reported release date for 'EA Sports FC 24' ahead of its official reveal.

Well-known leaker billbil-kun has revealed that according to their sources, EA Sports FC 24 is heading to Xbox platforms on September 29th. As per the report, an Ultimate Edition of the game will also arrive on September 22nd; granting fans seven days' worth of early access if they opt for the expensive version.

Back in April, EA let the world know that the team's full reveal was due in July, so all of this should be confirmed very, very soon. At the moment this is all reported info and isn't official just yet, so do bear that in mind ahead of EA's reveal later this month.

It looks like beta plans for EA Sports FC 24 are also starting to appear online. Microsoft Store leaker ALumia_Italia posted the Xbox closed beta file sizes for the game earlier today, hinting that we'll likely hear more in the near future.

Will you be trying out the inaugural EA Sports FC title later this year? Let us know who you'll be playing for down below!

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