EA Is Making Another UFC Game, Full Reveal Coming This September
Image: UFC 4, EA

EA Sports UFC 4 is a few years old at this point, having arrived on the eve of the Xbox Series X|S launch back in August 2020. Well, as you'd probably expect, another game in the series is coming, with EA officially announcing UFC 5 this past weekend.

For now we don't really know anything about it, other than a rough timeline for the team's big information blowout. Expect a full reveal for EA Sports UFC 5 this September.

We don't have a launch timeframe yet either, but we'd expect UFC 5 to arrive fairly soon as EA typically employs a pretty quick turnaround time from announcement to release - especially for its sports titles.

We'd also expect this one to take full advantage of Xbox Series X and S hardware, given that UFC 4 was a game primarily built for last-gen consoles while being playable on Series X|S via backwards compatibility. Expect to hear more details on this upcoming UFC sequel in September.

Are you looking forward to a next-gen UFC game on Xbox? Let us know if you'll be playing UFC 5!