Blizzard Reiterates That Diablo 4 Isn't Coming To Xbox Game Pass For Now

Back in March, Blizzard confirmed ahead of launch that Diablo 4 wasn't coming to Xbox Game Pass, but the ongoing ActiBlizz deal has continued to stir speculation about its eventual arrival. That speculation came to another infliction point this week when a Brazilian digital retailer listed Diablo 4 as an Xbox Game Pass title, but the dev team has once again confirmed that the game isn't coming to Microsoft's subscription service, for now.

Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, revealed that the listing was incorrect in a reply to Game Pass Tracker on Twitter. Ybarra didn't mince his words when letting us all know that Diablo 4 on Game Pass isn't in the pipeline:

Of course, if and when the Xbox Activision Blizzard deal goes ahead, it's expected that titles like Diablo 4 would come to Game Pass. However, library additions such as Diablo 4, or even the deal going through at all, are by no means confirmed at this stage.

For what it's worth, Diablo 4 is probably worth a purchase if you're on the fence about picking up Blizzard's latest action RPG. We scored it an impressive 9/10 in our Pure Xbox review, and critics across the board have been very impressed with the title so far.

Did you buy Diablo 4 or are you waiting for a potential Game Pass release in future? Let us know!