Blizzard President: We Have So Much Coming, We're Just Getting Started

Microsoft's takeover of Activision Blizzard has taken a step closer to going ahead following this week's victory against the FTC, and it seems like great timing for Blizzard in particular according to president Mike Ybarra's recent comments.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Ybarra was full of praise for the teams at Blizzard, stating that the company has "so much coming" and is "just getting started". Here's a look at what Ybarra had to say:

"We have so much coming from such talented teams. Some people told me years ago Blizzard was a 'sleeping giant'. To them I say, the sleeping giant is awake and in full force.

Players are the center of everything we do - and always will be. We are just getting started."

Of course, it's been a very busy time for Blizzard lately with the extremely successful release of Diablo 4 as well as last year's launches of Diablo Immortal and Overwatch 2, and it sounds like there's a lot more exciting stuff to come!

Assuming Microsoft does eventually acquire Blizzard (as well as Activision), we should be seeing most of these upcoming projects on Xbox Game Pass as well in the future — so it's certainly a great time to be an Xbox owner.

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