Xbox + Activision Blizzard
Image: Xbox

At an Xbox panel earlier on titled 'What's Next for Gaming', Xbox boss Phil Spencer provided another update about the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, reiterating how Microsoft is "very committed" to seeing the deal through.

The team is out there working with regulators to "find solutions" who have questions. And so far, Phil thinks "there are 40 countries that have approved the deal" with two countries still being the major focus "on getting approval", in reference to the US (FTC) and the UK (CMA).

"Those are the kind of two that are there in front of us...And that's what we're actively doing from Brad Smith, who is our chief counsel at the company, [or] Sarah spending a lot of time on the road with regulators, we're trying to get to solutions. We did that with the European Commission, and I'm confident that we'll find solutions for the other areas as well. It's taking time. It's taking focus. But I'm confident."

Xbox originally announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard at the beginning of last year. An appeal looks set to take place in the UK in late July. You can learn more in our previous coverage here on Pure Xbox:

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