Xbox Is Destroying The 360 Era In Terms Of Revenue, Says Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is busy doing the rounds following today's Xbox Games Showcase 2023, and something he mentioned as part of a press briefing is that the brand is doing much better than it was during the Xbox 360 generation.

As highlighted by, Spencer pointed out that a lot of people look back at the Xbox 360 era as the glory days, but from a revenue standpoint, Xbox is actually twice as big of a business as it was back then:

"I often get asked 'how are you doing?' I'll get people who will harken back, some people in this room, to the Xbox 360 years as being the heyday of Xbox. And I was there, and I love what Xbox 360 meant for where we are today. But for you to understand, our business right now, from a revenue standpoint, is about twice the size it was during the Xbox 360 generation."

Spencer went on to talk about how Xbox has more players than ever right now, while also noting that Microsoft's last quarter was the "biggest non-holiday gaming quarter in the history of us being in the gaming business." Finally, he also mentioned that the team is going to do $1 billion in PC revenue this year.

Despite the impressive figures, Spencer explained that the main way Xbox measures success is through how many people are "playing our games", hyping up the fact that the portfolio now boasts over 150 million monthly players.

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