Would Activision Be A Good Fit For Halo? Xbox's Matt Booty Shares His Thoughts

Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty has certainly been doing the rounds over the past few days following the very well-received Xbox Games Showcase 2023, and his latest interview has gone live today courtesy of Axios.

As part of the discussion, Booty explained how his team at Microsoft tends to adopt a balanced management style — finding a happy medium between centralising every decision and letting Xbox's first-party studios do whatever they want. The outlet then asked, as an example, whether Microsoft had considered putting Activision's studios to work on Halo (should the acquisition prove successful).

Here's what the Head of Xbox Game Studios had to say in response:

"If something like that were to happen, it would have to come from the studios."

"It's unlikely that we would come in and dictate that from the top."

Microsoft clearly doesn't have any immediate desire to put Activision on the Halo franchise, then, but it'll be interesting to see if any developers at Activision show an interest in teaming up with Halo moving forward.

343 Industries is obviously still the driving force behind that series and we're not expecting or asking for that to change, but with Activision's talented studios lending a helping hand, it'd be great to see what kind of additional Halo projects could crop up in the future.

Do you think this would be a good idea, or should Activision be left alone? Tell us your thoughts below.

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