As we've already mentioned, Bethesda's Todd Howard appeared in a massive new Starfield interview with Kinda Funny Games earlier this week, and as part of this he confirmed that the game won't feature any kind of land vehicles.

The reason for this is because the team wanted to design the game "so it feels good on foot" - although one thing Howard noted was that there's a "Boost Pack" in the game, which was featured in the recent Starfield Direct deep dive.

"We've seen this with our other games, we want to design it so it feels good on foot. But we do have the Boost Pack — you saw some of that in the video — you have skills for the Boost Pack. The Boost Pack almost acts like a vehicle, it's super fun... and then the low gravity planets are just really something special in the game."

While this might be a bit disappointing, we still think that everything else about Starfield is looking absolutely incredible so far - and of course, modders will probably find a way to implement land vehicles before long anyway!

The full video is definitely worth a watch if you're interested, going into lots of detail about various aspects of the game.

"The response [to the Starfield Direct] really was incredible. Hearing so many people, and the feedback — everybody kinda rooting for us, and loving what we've shown — you never know, right? We're heads down here in the studio. It had been a while since we had really come out with that much stuff, and you never know how people are gonna react. It's a new IP, it's incredibly ambitious... we're taking a lot of risks."

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