Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Controller & Headset Appear In Stores

While Xbox has managed to keep any software reveals from its upcoming showcase under wraps (so far), the same can't be said for hardware. We've seen rumours and leaks of a pair of new Starfield peripherals for weeks now, and folks are beginning to see the new devices out in the wild.

Here's an in-store spot of the new Starfield controller - looking very similar to last week's packaging leak:

It's also looking like Xbox fans are getting their hands on these things during the manufacturing process, or somewhere along the way towards retail stores. Multiple video clips are now being shared on social media of both the controller and the headset before they head out to customers.

Not everywhere seems to be strictly abiding by the street date though. One person happened to stumble upon the controller in a random Target store in the US - obviously quite tempted to grab the box ahead of its official launch date.

Reliable leaker billbil-kun has also shared some more details of the devices via website Dealabs. The site's sources have shared regional pricing info for the headset and the controller, which will reportedly launch as follows:

  • Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Controller: $79.99 / €74.99 / £69.99
  • Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Headset: $124.99 / €124.99 / £114.99

We're fully expecting these new bits of Starfield-themed Xbox hardware to be officially unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct on Sunday, so be on the look out if you're interested in either device!

Are you thinking of grabbing one of these when they officially launch? Let us know if you're hunting one down in Target as we speak.