Xbox Fans Advised To Bring An 'Extra Pair Of Underwear' For This Week's Starfield Direct

This year, we're getting a double-header as part of the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, as the big event will be followed up by an equally important Starfield Direct, giving us a closer look at what to expect from Bethesda's major new release.

Speaking ahead of the Direct, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg advised a fan on Twitter that they may want to "bring an extra pair of underwear" for what they're about to see. Even when he's trying not to tease, Aaron just can't help himself!

It's already been confirmed that the Starfield Direct show will feature "tons of new gameplay" ahead of September's official launch, along with developer interviews and behind the scenes information.

As things stand, it seems the Xbox Games Showcase will run for 90 minutes followed by a 30 minute Direct.

"7 days until our first ever double feature. Roughly two hours of non stop games, games, games, games, and Starfield!"

We don't know about you, but we're eager to get the next few days out of the way as quickly as possible! Regardless of what the Xbox Showcase dishes out, we know for a fact the Starfield Direct is going to be essential viewing.

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