Electronic Arts
Image: Electronic Arts

Third-party video game giant Electronic Arts, known for IPs such as Battlefield and Apex Legends, has today announced a massive company restructure.

According to CEO Andrew Wilson, EA Games will be split into two organisations - EA Entertainment and EA Sports.

This is described as a "next step" in the company's evolution, and will apparently "empower" studio leaders - allowing "more creative ownership and financial accountability" to make quicker and more insightful decisions tied to development and other related areas.

EA Entertainment is home to its own unique IP as well as licensed IP through "powerful collaborations", and EA Sports is obviously focused on sport - covering the likes of Madden, PGA Tour and FIFA (now known as EA Sports FC).

Laura Miele has been appointed President of EA Entertainment, Technology & Central Development - overseeing EA's key studios. Vince Zampella will lead the studios responsible for Apex Legends, the company's Star Wars games and the Battlefield series. Samantha Ryan has been assigned to leading lifestyle and blockbuster solo experiences, and Jeff Karp heads the mobile division.

On the EA Sports front, Cam Weber has been appointed this studio's President. David Tinson has also been given the job of EVP and Chief Experiences Officer, and Stuart Canfield has taken on the role of EA's new EVP and Chief Financial Officer.

Andrew Wilson mentions how "business remains strong" and how he's excited to bring "more amazing games and experiences" to more players around the world.

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