Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Congratulates Sony On 'Nice' PlayStation Showcase

Xbox's Phil Spencer has been active on social media over the past few hours, taking to the platform to not only share his excitement over Bungie's Marathon, but also to praise the PlayStation Showcase 2023 in general.

In a response to PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst, Spencer acknowledged that "a ton of work" goes into making these events possible, calling the event a "nice kickoff" for the busy season of gaming showcases ahead.

"Congrats to you and the teams on the showcase. I know a ton of work goes into these shows and it's fun to get to see what's to come. Nice kickoff to 'the show' season."

As you may have seen, 12 of the games from the PlayStation Showcase 2023 were confirmed for Xbox immediately following the event's conclusion, including the likes of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater and Dragon's Dogma 2.

In other words, it was actually a very successful showcase from an Xbox perspective, with lots of great games added to the pipeline for later this year and beyond. No wonder Phil was eagerly watching this one!

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