Bungie has officially unveiled its revival of 'Marathon' - an old series that the famous Halo developer worked on prior to Xbox's blockbuster franchise. This time, the IP is coming back as an extraction shooter, and Xbox Series X|S is thankfully included in the platform list.

For now, we don't have any kind of release date timeline for Marathon, but at least we finally now know what the team is working on after years and years of Destiny development.

There's some more good news for multi-platform players as well. As per the game's official website, Bungie has confirmed that Marathon will feature full cross-play and cross-save functionality between Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC.

So, there you have it. Bungie's next game is indeed coming to Xbox - even if the team is now owned by PlayStation!

"Become a runner in bungie’s new sci-fi pvp extraction shooter. compete for survival, riches, and renown in a world of evolving, persistent zones, where any run can lead to greatness."

Are you happy to see Marathon come back? Let us know your thoughts on this teaser.

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