Two More Titles Revealed For Xbox Game Pass (May 18 - June 1)

We may have recently had our official back half of May Xbox Game Pass roundup, but two more titles have since been revealed - including a shadow drop! That'll be Supraland: Six Inches Under which is now available in the Game Pass library, with Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath heading to the service day one on June 1.

Here's a bit more about these two fresh Xbox Game Pass reveals:

Supraland: Six Inches Under (Console, PC) Available Now

"A mix between Portal, Zelda and Metroid. Exploration, puzzles, combat! A first-person-metroidvania taking place six inches under Supraland."

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath (Console, PC) June 1

"So.... got what it takes to be a X Slayer?!?... 7 weapons, blood and gore, twisted music by Seepage & Psyko Syndikate, and maps where you can blow up everything."

Do either of these Game Pass games look appealing to you? Let us know which you'll be trying out in the poll down below!

Which Of These Will You Be Playing? (92 votes)

  1. Supraland: Six Inches Under60%
  2. Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath40%