The Outlast Trials has been floating around for years at this point, in fact, it was first unveiled in 2019 before disappearing into the shadows for a short while. The team at Red Barrels brought the game back into the spotlight last year — with it's PC early access release now here — and eventually, we should be getting an Xbox version.

Yep, back in April, the devs clarified that a console version is indeed planned, with full cross-play support. However, Xbox won't be getting an early access release for The Outlast Trials - a console version is currently on track to arrive with the full 1.0 launch.

"For everyone asking about consoles, we are working to have The Outlast Trials be playable on as many platforms as possible with cross-platform play but no cross-progression. This will take time and we aim to have this for full launch, but it won't be available for EA [Early Access]."

No cross-progression is a bit of a bummer, especially if you plan on playing the early access version on PC before hopping over to console, but at least cross-play is planned. It's also good to get clarification that the game is still planned for Xbox with the full launch.

The PC version only launched yesterday, May 18, but the early reception is already looking pretty good. IGN has slapped a '7' rating on the early access build, citing AI issues and a lack of content as reasons for knocking it down right now, but that's probably to be expected in a preview build. So far, the game already has over 2,000 Steam reviews amounting to an 'Overwhelmingly Positive' rating, so fans seem to be enjoying this co-op spin on Outlast right now. We're looking forward to the full Xbox launch!

Is this on your radar for its Xbox release? It's Steam Deck verified so... we're tempted to give the early access version a go too!