One of the most impressive-looking titles shown during last week's PlayStation Showcase was Phantom Blade Zero, an upcoming action RPG announced for PS5 and PC. However, while the game was only announced for those two platforms during Sony's show, it doesn't appear to be locked onto those systems.

Is Phantom Blade Zero Coming To Xbox Series X And S?

In a developer Q&A posted on the game's Discord channel, the question of console exclusivity was posed to the team. Their answer was brief and clear - although the game has only been revealed for PS5 and PC, there isn't any sort of exclusivity deal in place for Phantom Blade Zero.

"For now we don't have any exclusivity on any platform."

To be clear, an Xbox version of the game hasn't been announced just yet. But, it looks like the game could feasibly appear on Xbox if the demand is there, and if the team is open to working with Microsoft on bringing Phantom Blade Zero over to Xbox consoles.

We'll drop last week's reveal trailer at the top of the article so you can get a clear idea of what this game is going for, which as you can see, has been getting lots of attention so far. Almost two million views in less than five days - Phantom Blade Zero has made a big splash and we sincerely hope the dev is thinking about an Xbox version!

Do you hope this one hits Xbox some day? Let us know if you'd like to play Phantom Blade Zero on your Series X or S!