Microsoft Rewards Begins Offering More Free Points With New 'Daily Check In' Offer

We've got another Microsoft Rewards offer to share with the Pure Xbox community! This time, it's an offer that you can (seemingly) only access on the Bing app on Android phones - and not everyone will necessarily see it right now.

It's called "Daily Check In", and you may have actually spotted it in the past, but it's been rolling out to users in multiple additional regions today. Before we get into details about it, here's a look at what to expect:

Microsoft Rewards Begins Offering More Free Points With New 'Daily Check In' Offer 2

The way the Bing "Daily Check In" works is by giving you free Microsoft Rewards points for every day that you check into the app. It's not a huge number of points (around 100 per-week altogether), but it definitely adds up in the long run!

To see if you're eligible for this new Bing offer, you'll need to do the following:

  • Download the Bing app on your Android phone from the Google Play store
  • Inside the app, hit the "Rewards" button towards the top (when logged in)
  • You'll hopefully now see a similar image to the one above, although not everyone will!

FYI, we initially didn't see this offer when we loaded up the Bing app earlier today, but it's since begun appearing for us in the UK, so it's worth checking a few times if you can't see it! We know that it's been identified in multiple regions as of today, and some users in the U.S. have been accessing it for ages now.

This is yet another way to earn so many Microsoft Rewards points per-month, which you can then use to spend on Xbox Gift Cards or whatever else takes your fancy! Get into the routine, and you could be earning 20,000 points per-month...

Have you been using this Microsoft Rewards tactic yet? Let us know down in the comments below.