This week marks the arrival of Star Trek: Resurgence on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and the first reviews have been going live over the past few days, with the game getting a generally positive reception overall.

Star Trek: Resurgence marks the debut release from Dramatic Labs, which is made up of a bunch of Telltale Games veterans including Telltale founder Kevin Bruner, so we've been very interested to see how the game would fare.

Below, we've picked out a few reviews to highlight of Star Trek: Resurgence from across the web:

Stevivor (7.5/10)

"Dramatic Labs has created something special with Resurgence, populating the Star Trek universe in very much the same way that Picard Season 3 has just done; there are also a few other parallels in there that I’ll leave for the player to discover. The resulting work has left me envigorated and enthusiastic that the developer can revisit the crew of the Resolute sooner rather than later, continuing to explore the final frontier."

PC Gamer (73/10)

"Resurgence takes the best of Telltale's flavour, makes it better and smashes it together with an excellent Star Trek story to create something that's fresh. Yes, characters unavoidably die and the story takes a few hours to really take off, but it's worth it—I haven't cried as much at a Star Trek story since Data sacrificed himself in Nemesis, so read into that what you will."

IGN (7/10)

"The story of Star Trek: Resurgence does an excellent job of capturing what makes Star Trek work by presenting strong characters and tough decisions. Some storylines lack closure and it doesn’t always run smoothly, but its heart is in the right place."

GameGrin (6.5/10)

"If you’re in the mood for a Star Trek game that doesn’t star children, then I recommend checking Star Trek: Resurgence out, though wait until it’s received a couple of patches first. Especially, if you’re eager to find out the backstory to a character who appeared in less than half an episode from the 1980s, then you’ll be really happy. The glitches and issues, while frustrating, didn’t completely take away from the experience, and I definitely hope we’re going to see more from the USS Resolute."

TheGamer (3/5)

"I truly hope that Dramatic Labs gets another go with the series, because it’s proven that it understands the heart and soul of Star Trek. It just needs to understand its own heart and soul, because that lies in how it spins a story, not how it throws a minigame together."

VG247 (3/5)

"Though there are areas where it could do with more polish, where better decisions could have been made, and where I wish there was extra money to spend, all of that melts away when I consider that as someone who grew up watching The Next Generation, playing this game felt like returning home."

As you can see, while the Metacritic score only sits at 68 for Xbox Series X right now (72 for PC), pretty much every reviewer has good things to say about Star Trek: Resurgence, so it sounds a solid purchase if you're a big Trekkie.

It'll be interesting to see where Dramatic Labs goes next... this sounds like a pretty admirable debut!

Have you bought Star Trek: Resurgence yet? Tell us your thoughts on it down below.