Boosteroid Joins Nvidia GeForce Now In Getting Access To Xbox Cloud Titles, Starting Next Month

Following a bunch of long-term contracts granted to the likes of Nvidia, Boosteroid, EE and more, Microsoft has started adding its titles to these third-party cloud streaming services. Last week, Xbox announced that four games were hitting the Nvidia GeForce Now library in the coming days, and now it has made a similar commitment to Boosteroid.

Starting June 1st, the same four games offered to Nvidia will launch on Boosteroid - those being Xbox first-party titles Deathloop, Gears 5, Grounded and Pentiment.

More games will be heading to these services in the coming weeks and months, including Activision Blizzard titles if and when the ongoing acquisition is approved around the world.

As mentioned, more cloud services were also granted similar contracts earlier this year, so expect Xbox to start adding these games, and others, to those services in the weeks and months ahead. Ubitus, Nware and EE are among the other beneficiaries so far.

Which games would you like to see hit these cloud gaming services next? Let us know.