Xbox Unveils New 'Daily Achievement' Xbox Game Pass Quest

Last week, it was revealed that Xbox would be making a big change to the "Achieve More, Earn More" Microsoft Rewards punch card, and now that change has taken place - it's been turned into a new daily Xbox Game Pass Quest.

As expected, this new Quest is for 50 points per-day, and challenges you to complete one achievement from any game in the Xbox Game Pass library. Unlike last time, this will also pop automatically as soon as you've completed it.

Of course, the downside here is that it needs to be an Xbox Game Pass game, so you can't benefit by playing anything else you might own on Xbox. The upside is that it hopefully won't suffer from any tracking issues going forward.

Don't forget that the new weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests also went live yesterday, and we've provided some tips on how to complete them (or at least one of them!) in our 2023 Xbox Game Pass Quests guide.

What do you think of this new Xbox Game Pass Quest? Tell us in the comments below.