Xbox controller

Shortly after announcing a PC Game Pass expansion, Microsoft has revealed that it's expanding another part of its gaming suite. Recently, the Elite Series 2 controller was finally added to Xbox Design Lab, and it's now available with even more customisation options!

Xbox is adding "a new range of colours" to the Elite 2 controller through Design Lab, bringing the number up to 16 main colours, 12 colours for the face buttons, and a load of new 'accent' colours to apply to other sections of the controller.

These new Design Lab variations mean the Xbox Elite 2 controller is suddenly available in a bunch of different colours, after only being purchasable in standard black for years. Just last month Microsoft added more 'standard' colour options for non-Design Lab Elites (specifically the 'Core' versions), so you really do have loads of options for a customised Elite controller at this point!

We do wonder what's next for the program after this continued expansion. Will we see more 'special edition' patterns available in Design Lab? Could we one day see consoles enter the Design Lab factory?

Sound off in the comments on what Xbox hardware you'd like to customise!