Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you want to play an online game with your friends, but one of them doesn't have it downloaded and their slow internet means you'll be waiting forever? Or perhaps you just want to spend 15 minutes with a game on your Xbox, but a big update means it'll have to wait for another day?

This is where games with small download sizes come in. There are some absolutely amazing Xbox Game Pass games with a download size of under 1GB, meaning you'll be up and running almost immediately after you begin the download. Even if one of your friends has a slow internet speed, it shouldn't take long to grab one of these.

In the video above, we've picked out 20 great games with small download sizes that you can download on Xbox Game Pass right now. From GoldenEye 007 to Valheim, there's something to suit everyone here.

Don't forget that an alternative to downloading a game on Xbox Game Pass is using Xbox Cloud Gaming instead, but you'll need to be an Ultimate member with a pretty speedy internet connection in order to properly take advantage of it.

How much do small download sizes on Xbox Game Pass affect your decision to try a game? Let us know.

How Does A Game's Download Size Affect Your Xbox Game Pass Decisions? (271 votes)

  1. I don't care what the download size is, I just play anything!41%
  2. I don't download bigger games unless I REALLY want to try them28%
  3. I try and prioritise smaller games to save storage space8%
  4. I use Xbox Cloud Gaming instead of downloading some games8%
  5. I just tend to download the newest additions and remove older titles8%
  6. My internet struggles to cope with most stuff!4%
  7. Other2%