Ubisoft Believes 'Great Content' Will Allow Its Subscription Service To Compete With Xbox Game Pass

Well, it finally happened! After months and months of leaks and speculation, Ubisoft Plus is now live on Xbox as the company brings its subscription service to console for the very first time. We've got a couple of handy breakdowns on everything you need to know about Ubi+ here at Pure Xbox, but of course, the folks over at Ubisoft have been doing plenty of talking as well.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Ubisoft Plus director Philippe Tremblay has been talking about how the company plans to compete with other subscription services - such as Microsoft's own Xbox Game Pass. Tremblay has faith that Ubisoft's lineup of games will help sell the service:

"It's still fairly new across the board that we have subscription offers, even from Xbox or other partners out there. I think the key point – as we see in many other industries – is the content being at the centre of what the consumer wants. That's what we are putting forward with Ubisoft+ again, it's the great content we have behind. That's the point of differentiation that we bring."

"Giving access to all our titles means that we can help gamers discover our other franchises. People may know us for Assassin's Creed, people may know us for Far Cry and Tom Clancy titles, but there maybe other titles that they haven't associated with us. That's an opportunity for them to jump into that."

Ubisoft Plus has launched with over 60 games on Xbox - with lots of titles also including various different DLC packages. There's loads to go at here for new subscribers, but Ubisoft is asking for a pretty hefty fee of $17.99 per month to access its library. When compared to the likes of Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, this does seem a little steep.

The service's $18 tier does include access to the company's titles across PC and Amazon Luna though, so there's value to be had if you play on those platforms as well as Xbox. Either way, the publisher is confident in its business model.

"I can't speak about the financials specifically, but what I can share is that I think our expansion towards Xbox and the other announcements around Ubisoft+ that are being communicated on the market show that we have confidence in this model. We see positive results and we think this is not something that is not likely be going away."

Here at Pure Xbox we can't help but feel like the monthly fee is just too damn high when you think that the $15 Game Pass Ultimate price nets you Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass and EA Play, but we'll have to see how players react to Ubisoft's arrival on the scene. We are happy to see more options for customers regardless though, especially as AAA titles are now often priced at $70 a pop.

If you want to check out what else Tremblay had to say about Ubisoft Plus as the service arrives on Xbox, the full interview is well worth a read. And, if you want quick and easy breakdowns of everything you need to know about Ubisoft's new Xbox subscription, you can check out the links down below.

What do you make of all this? Are you tempted to give the service a go? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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