It's been almost two weeks since the Xbox Spring Sale 2023 officially began, and we've now just got a few more days to take advantage of the 600+ deals on offer, with the sale expected to end on Thursday, April 20th.

If you need some help deciding what to buy, we've provided a bunch of Xbox Spring Sale buyers guides:

Don't forget that in addition to these 600+ Xbox Spring Sale discounts, there are a few more Deals with Gold and Spotlight reductions that are live until April 18th, with another batch expected to go live this coming Tuesday.

So, what have you bought in the Xbox Spring Sale 2023 so far? Grabbed a recent AAA release, or maybe a bunch of heavily reduced indies? Are there are suggestions you have for the rest of the PX community? We'd love to know!

What have you bought in the Xbox Spring Sale 2023? Tell us down in the comments.

How Many Games Have You Bought In The Xbox Spring Sale? (435 votes)

  1. None!61%
  2. 119%
  3. 27%
  4. 34%
  5. 43%
  6. 51%
  7. 6  0.7%
  8. 7  0.5%
  9. 8  0.9%
  10. 9  0.5%
  11. 10  0.2%
  12. 11+1%