Rumour: Xbox Summer Showcase Runtime Revealed By Microsoft Leaker

We have a rumour doing the rounds this morning about Xbox's big summer showcase for 2023! According to a regular Microsoft Store leaker who goes by the name of WalkingCat on Twitter, the Xbox Games Showcase this year is set to last roughly two hours in total.

The leak also reveals a potential start and end time for the show. Of course, Microsoft has confirmed its June 11th date, but not the specific time just yet. According to this leak, the showcase should be taking place at 10am - 12pm PT on June 11th, which works out as 1pm - 3pm ET and 6pm - 8pm BST.

This year, we also have the small matter of Bethesda's Starfield Direct; a separate showcase dedicated entirely to the team's upcoming sci-fi RPG. While unconfirmed at the moment, WalkingCat speculates that the two hour slot is likely to contain both the standard Xbox Games Showcase and the Starfield Direct presentation.

For now this should absolutely be considered a rumour and taken with a pinch of salt - even the leaker knows plans can change and has said as much on Twitter. For now though, according to this leak, these timings are what Microsoft has penned into its calendar for Xbox's big summer showcase. Exciting times ahead!

Does a two-hour runtime sound about right to you? What are you most excited to see? Let us know down below.