Random: Xbox Teams Up With Pringles To Create 'Suspicious Stew' Flavour

Minecraft Legends is about to launch on Xbox Game Pass, and that seems to have inspired the Pringles folks to develop a brand new flavour for its popular salty snack range. Yep, 'Suspicious Stew' flavoured Pringles are now a thing - plucked straight from the Minecraft universe (we cannot confirm nor deny whether Pringles are cannon in Minecraft).

Anyway, as the in-game 'Suspicious Stew' is crafted from adding a flower to a typical mushroom stew, maybe these could taste like a delightfully delicate balance of floral notes mixed with earthy mushroom undertones? Probably not but, hey ho.

Having said that, the new flavour appears to be going down very well so far. The product page has a 4.8 star rating at the time of writing, where Pringles describes the taste as "a blend of hearty stew flavors that end in a spicy kick." We'd like to try them to be honest!

Unfortunately, these are exclusive to the US right now so unless we decide to import a crate of Pringles from across the pond, we're going to have to imagine the flavour through these online airwaves. If only you could sample foods through the internet, eh!

Are you rushing to your local store to grab a tube of Suspicious Stew Pringles? Do let us know if you are!