New Microsoft Rewards 'Redeem' Feature Could Have Major Benefits For Xbox Users

Microsoft Rewards is about to debut an excellent new feature across multiple regions, and it could have major benefits for Xbox users as well. The feature will allow you to set "Custom" redeem amounts for (some?) gift cards.

The news was announced by Microsoft's Mikhail Parakhin on the weekend, revealing a look at someone redeeming $46 worth of Amazon Gift Cards for a "Custom" amount of 48,300 Microsoft Rewards Points (which seems very low!).

In the replies, Parakhin mentioned that the feature is set to be rolled out "everywhere", with the team reportedly now trying to "do things globally from the get go", so it looks like we'll be seeing this very soon.

The big question is whether the feature will apply to all gift cards, or just some. If it's the former, then you won't need to keep waiting until you can afford a $10 or $25 gift card anymore - you'll be able to just pick whatever amount you can afford to redeem! Let's hope that's the case, as it would be a huge bonus for the program on Xbox.

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