Minecraft Legends has been out for almost two weeks now, and if you're wondering what to expect from this new action strategy spin-off post-launch, read on...

Mjoang and Blackbird Interactive have released the game's very first update - introducing a number of improvements based on community feedback so far. There's now improved matchmaking, performance and stability fixes, and more. Here's the full rundown via the official Minecraft blog:


This is something a lot of players have asked for, and we’re very excited that you can now choose to play on the same team as your friends in matchmaking. All you have to do is invite them to join the lobby on your team in matchmaking. Afterwards, the game will assign other players to the opposing team.

Also, eager heroes can now rejoice over the significantly faster matchmaking starting timer. Once at least six players have joined a public lobby, the game will start in 10 seconds instead of 60.


We’ve fixed several crashes that could occur in various scenarios, some spawn issues with piglins from piglin crates, and some audio issues with magma cubes.

We’ve also improved input latency on Nintendo Switch, alongside making general performance improvements for a smoother experience, increasing loading speed, and fixing crashes when loading into co-op campaigns.


We’ve made several improvements to text wrapping with Arabic and Hebrew localization as well as fixing various translations and a button mapping issue within the Japanese localization.

Mojang is also calling on the community to continue providing feedback so it can continue to improve the overall experience. In the same post, the company revealed the game has been experienced by over 3 million players so far.

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[source minecraft.net, via windowscentral.com]