Microsoft Slams ActiBlizz Lawsuit As Group Of 'Gamers' File Amended Complaint

Remember that group of ten "gamers" who tried to sue Microsoft over the Activision Blizzard takeover? The case was dismissed in court back in March, but the story isn't over, as the Plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint.

As reported by Reuters, the new complaint is 73 pages long and (again) goes into detail about why the Plaintiffs believe the acquisition will harm competition, calling its impact to the video game industry "extensive and broad".

In response, Microsoft says the complaint contains "unsupported and implausible claims about the deal's effect on competition."

And that's not all. In a court filing last week, Microsoft went one step further with the criticism, stating that the original case "relied largely on flawed legal arguments based on outdated Supreme Court cases."

"[The Plaintiffs] waited 11 months after the transaction was announced to file their lawsuit, and then wasted several additional months filing an implausible complaint."

There's clearly a bit of disgruntlement, then, and Microsoft was also surprised to learn that Sony had been sharing documents with the Plaintiffs "weeks" before the company was made aware of it - the result of a subpoena in January.

It remains to be seen what will happen next, as the judge could just decide to dismiss the argument once again, or it could be investigated further if the amended complaint does enough to convince them otherwise.

In any case, these ten gamers clearly have no plans of backing down in their quest to oppose the deal!

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