Microsoft Reportedly Invited To 'Showcase Its Products' At UK's 10 Downing St Next Week

Microsoft's protracted showdown with the UK Competition and Markets Authority is about to end after months of back and forth over Xbox getting its ActiBlizz deal closed. The CMA's investigation will be all wrapped up by next Wednesday, April 26, and it seems like Microsoft might be booking an extended stay in the UK to coincide with the decision.

According to Sky News, Microsoft has been "invited to showcase its products in 10 Downing Street" on that same day of April 26th. We're not entirely sure what these products are or what the whole presentation will actually be for, if Microsoft decides to attend.

The report says that UK-based games industry body UKIE is organising the whole thing, to take place within the government building. It's not specific as to whether the presentation is for the UK government or that it simply takes place within 10 Downing Street, but either way, it all sounds very official.

Hopefully, the UK CMA will have decided on the Activision Blizzard merger by that point. Recently, the authority made the decision that the deal won't negatively affect the console gaming market, with cloud gaming remaining the major sticking point running up to its final verdict on April 26th.

What do you think Microsoft will be asked to show off here? Let us know your thoughts on the whole situation down below.