CD Projekt RED is bringing a brand new ray tracing mode to Cyberpunk 2077, dubbed RT 'Overdrive', and an early look from the team at Digital Foundry shows just how much of a difference this new mode makes to the game's visuals.

For now, this upcoming mode is only coming to PC, with no announcement made yet for the console versions of Cyberpunk 2077. Still, it's worth a quick look because it absolutely transforms the game's graphics in most scenes, as shown in the video up above.

CDPR's recent next-gen version of its cyberpunk RPG did introduce a form of ray tracing on Xbox Series X and PS5, but it was a limited version of the technology that focused on ray traced shadows only. Will some form of this 'RT Overdrive' mode come to consoles some day? It seems unlikely given the sheer horsepower needed for ray tracing of any kind, but never say never given the amount of updates this game has received!

We do have confirmation of some other upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 goodness for Xbox players though. The game's 'Phantom Liberty' expansion is coming to Xbox Series X and S, although the dev team is leaving the last-gen Xbox One behind for its upcoming DLC pack.

What do you make of this new PC-only RT mode? Hoping it comes to Xbox one day? Let us know what you think!