It's been ten years (!) since Ryse: Son of Rome debuted as an Xbox One launch title back in 2013, and people are still talking about it. While it didn't get the most outstanding reviews, the game's breathtaking visuals, engrossing story and addictive hack-and-slash combat left an impression on many Xbox fans over the past decade.

Randomly, Crytek decided to bring up the game in a Twitter post this week, and it ended up getting a big response, circulating to around 165,000 people thanks to the high number of retweets and likes that it received.

As you can imagine, the responses were full of praise for the game, with many people pointing out how they'd love to see either a remake or a sequel (or both), while also sharing their favourite memories:

Life_Is_Xbox: "This had everything to be a massive Xbox exclusive franchise. Shame we never got a sequel!"

Charlie_Hust77: "Just a genuinely beautiful, epic and fun game. My personal favorite of the last generation. Would absolutely love a sequel and it would be a day one purchase."

Faithtwelve: "It's one of the most underrated games of last Gen. Incredible story paired with great gameplay and world."

There have always been calls for Ryse: Son of Rome to get a sequel, and the original plan appeared to be that it would become a franchise rather than a one-off game. Nevertheless, we've never seen any concrete evidence that Ryse 2 is in development, despite a rumour that surfaced a couple of years ago that it could be in the works.

It seems unlikely at this point that Ryse: Son of Rome will ever return to Xbox, but at least we can play the original as part of backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. How about a 60FPS upgrade and resolution boost, Crytek? That's what we'd realistically like to see in 2023.

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