Ryse Fans Are Showing Their Support For A Sequel Once Again

It may now be eight years old, but Crytek's Xbox console exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome is back in the news once again, with fans showing their support for the game on social media and asking for a sequel.

The reason it's being talked about is because some eagled-eyed viewers thought they spotted a tease for Ryse in the most recent Xbox "future of gaming" trailer, but to be honest we think that's probably clutching at straws a little.

Regardless of whether it's a tease or not, it's brought the topic of Ryse back to the forefront. There's been plenty of discussion in the Xbox community, with many fans highlighting how they'd love to see a sequel at some point:


It's been suggested for a long time now that Ryse could eventually get a sequel, and about a year ago, leaked Crytek documents suggested a project called "Ryse Next" was actually in the works at some point.

Then, back in April, Xbox Era podcaster Shpeshal Ed also mentioned that a new Ryse was supposedly in development, and it seemed like it was going to be a multiplatform game. So you never know... that picture above could be a tease!

In our view, it'd be great to see a sequel to the Xbox One launch title, or at least an Xbox Series X|S optimisation for it.

Do you want to see a Ryse 2? Give us your thoughts down in the comments below.