capcom resi 4

A bunch of different microtransactions have now been added to the Resident Evil 4 Remake, a couple of weeks after the game's main launch.

The surprise additions dropped alongside the return of Mercenaries mode - a feature that was obviously advertised a lot more than any sort of microtransaction arrival. The packs — priced at £2.49 each here in the UK, or available in bundles — allow users to pay real money to unlock a weapon's exclusive upgrade at any time, and at no in-game currency cost.

The fact that the game never felt like it was built around such a feature is of course a good thing - we never noticed any sort of struggle to grab upgrades during our hands on time with the game before the DLCs launched. Still, it does feel a little sneaky to just plonk these out after release so that any early access coverage doesn't mention their availability.

Speaking of which, the game has gone down extremely well; as evidenced by a new accolades trailer recently dropped by the team at Capcom. Sadly, we don't feature in said trailer, but we'll leave it down below for your viewing pleasure.

Do you think this move is a little dubious after the game's launch? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.