Xbox studio Ninja Theory is back to show off more of the development process behind its impressive-looking Hellblade sequel - Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. To be clear upfront; there's no new gameplay in here, but there is plenty of info to dig into about the team's upcoming 10th century Icelandic adventure.

Speaking of Iceland — the game's location — the dev team is using scans of the entire country to create Hellblade 2's landscapes. These scans are then combined with real imagery taken from trips to Iceland to utilise a technique called photogrammetry - something that was used by Playground Games to recreate its open world depiction of Mexico in Forza Horizon 5.

While Ninja Theory's dark and atmospheric adventure looks very different to what Playground built in 2021, FH5 did look nice and crisp when it came to the game's environmental detail, so we have high hopes that the team can pull off similar results here.

Our biggest takeaway from this latest dev diary is just the sheer amount of care and attention that the team is putting into building Hellblade 2. We know the title has been a long time coming, but when you see clips like this you can start to understand why!

Hopefully, we see more of the actual game in action real soon because we've been dying to see more of it since The Game Awards 2021. Xbox's upcoming summer showcase sounds like a good fit, doesn't it?

Are you hyped to see more Hellblade 2? Let us know if it's on your most anticipated games list!