Random: Xbox's Phil Spencer Finds The Humour In Ridiculous Call Of Duty Meme 2

We've seen Microsoft handing out a lot of 10-year deals to guarantee Activision Blizzard games (and particularly Call of Duty) on a variety of platforms in the future, so unsurprisingly there are plenty of memes cropping up!

One of those memes actually caught the attention of Xbox boss Phil Spencer earlier this week, when he responded in good humour to a suggestion that Call of Duty was "coming to a calculator near you":

In addition to Nintendo, Nvidia and Valve, Microsoft has also now announced its intention to bring games to the cloud service providers Boosteroid and Ubitus when the acquisition goes through, and it seems more deals are on the way.

Of course, the big roadblock right now is Sony, and it seems unlikely the company will agree to a 10-year deal of their own. Nevertheless, it'll be up to the CMA, FTC and European Commission on whether to agree to the takeover or not.

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