Microsoft Isn't Currently Talking To Sony About The Call Of Duty Deal
Image: Activision

Microsoft yesterday signed another 10-year deal with cloud platform 'Boosteroid' - similar to the 10-year deals it did with Nintendo and Nvidia for Call of Duty.

Sony's offer is apparently still on the table, but it seems it's come to a complete halt. In a small update via a story by The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft president Brad Smith has revealed there aren't any discussions currently happening between the two parties.

"Microsoft earlier made a similar offer to Sony Group Corp., the most prominent critic of the planned Activision deal. Mr. Smith said the companies haven’t reached a formal agreement and aren’t currently in discussions."

As highlighted by The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren, Microsoft seemingly has similar deals in the making.

This latest update follows on from claims made by Lulu Cheng Meservey Activision Blizzard's Chief Communications Officer last week - who elaborated on why Sony kept refusing the Call of Duty offer. According to her own account, SIE CEO Jim Ryan just wants to block the acquisition.

"The CEO of SIE answered that question in Brussels. In his words: "I don’t want a new Call of Duty deal. I just want to block your merger.”"

Do you think Sony will take up this offer eventually? Leave your thoughts below.

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