Microsoft Is Running Full-Page Newspaper Ads About Call Of Duty On Xbox

We've seen that UK regulators have been some of the toughest to convince for Microsoft, so the company is going on the offensive to convince the nation that its Activision Blizzard deal will be good for gaming.

As spotted by The Verge, full-page newspaper ads have started to appear in the UK as Microsoft tries to make its strongest case for acquiring the Call of Duty publisher. Here's one from The Financial Times:

Clearly, Xbox's argument is based around Activision's mega franchise being available on even more platforms, and to even more players, than before the merger. Judging by the ad's imagery, Xbox Cloud Gaming is the big focus here, driven by Xbox Game Pass of course.

This focus on cloud is probably a good idea from Xbox - the UK CMA has gone on record to say that the deal could "substantially reduce the competition" in the cloud gaming market, and it remains one of the regulator's big sticking points.

Outside of these ads, Microsoft is already trying make its cloud gaming approach more palatable to regulators worldwide. The company recently agreed a deal with Nvidia to bring more of its cloud gaming portfolio to competing platforms.

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