forza motorsport 2023

Forza Motorsport showed up to Xbox's January Developer Direct event in a big way, even if we didn't get a solid launch date for the upcoming racing reboot. The team showcased more of the game's cars, tracks and general features at the show - maybe even a few too many cars, as it turns out.

Shortly after the showcase back in Jan, the dev posted on its blog to summarise everything that was shown off during the livestream. Then, on March 2nd, the team added this note about a few changes it has since made to the post:

"We’ve updated this blog to remove mentions of some cars that will not be available in the base Forza Motorsport game. We’ll share more in the future when those vehicles will be coming to Forza Motorsport and how they can be obtained. We apologize for any confusion."

The team didn't detail which cars these are (although a Forza Reddit post claims to have figured them out), but yep, it appears Turn 10 has accidentally showcased some post-launch content in its pre-release Forza Motorsport footage.

However, our biggest takeaway from this update is the mention of a 'base' game for the upcoming title. This is the first hint we've seen at some sort of DLC plan, and it has us wondering whether these cars will land in a premium add-on pack or as part of some sort of 'live service' model for Forza Motorsport.

The Forza Horizon series gets plenty of DLC cars these days — both paid and free via the 'Festival Playlist' — and we wonder if Motorsport will introduce its own model for adding free content. Hopefully soon the dev team will clarify where these cars end up within the game's DLC plan.

What do you make of this unfortunate update? Leave your thoughts down below.