xbox double fine

Late last week, Xbox studio Double Fine Productions uploaded a gargantuan documentary to YouTube detailing the whole development process on 2021's Psychonauts 2. While the 32-part doc is likely littered with tidbits of info on the studio's projects, episode 30 in particular drops a hint on what might be next from the team.

Studio head Tim Schafer talks about two other projects that were in the works prior to Psychonauts 2's launch - two projects that at the time had to be halted to allow the whole team to focus on the much-awaited Psychonauts sequel.

"Now things have moved on to the boss phase. We had a big change, we actually paused all development on all other games including Derek's game which is going to be awesome and I was really excited about him doing that game and it's sad to pause that. And Lee's game what we're excited about and had to pause that - we brought everybody in the studio back to Psychonauts."

Now that Psychonauts 2 is out in the wild and has been for some time, it's safe to assume that these projects are now back in the pipeline over at Double Fine. It's worth keeping in mind that this quote is from before the game launched in 2021, as the doc chronicles that whole development process in the run up to release. Plans could have certainly changed since then.

However, even in late 2021 we caught wind that multiple projects were already in the works at Double Fine, and this new doc has shed a bit more light on what those projects could potentially turn out to be. It seems to be all go over at the Xbox-owned studio then!

Tim's talk on the team's projects is timestamped down below:

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