As part of IGN's ongoing 'Fan Fest' event, the team behind upcoming soulslike RPG Lies of P has dropped a brand new trailer, revealing a more specific window for when we can expect this one to hit the Game Pass library.

While the specific date isn't quite nailed on just yet, Lies of P is now scheduled to launch on Xbox Game Pass in August 2023. That puts us about six months out from this one coming to the service!

The new trailer is largely a cinematic one, but we're very much down for the overall atmosphere that Lies of P is going for. Here's what to expect from this Game Pass RPG in summer 2023:

"Inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio, Lies of P is an action souls-like game set in a cruel, dark Belle Époque world.

All of humanity is lost in a once beautiful city that has now become a living hell filled with unspeakable horrors.

Lies of P offers an elegant world filled with tension, a deep combat system and a gripping story.

Guide Pinocchio and experience his unrelenting journey to become human."

Will this be one to look out for on Game Pass this summer? Let us know if you're planning on playing it!