We've seen lots of emulation projects up and running on Xbox Series X|S, in large part thanks to the availability of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) on the two consoles. YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer is often keen to show some of these projects off, and his latest video attempts to basically turn an Xbox Series S into an era-appropriate Windows 98 gaming PC. Seriously!

MVG is using the RetroArch emulator here, with the 'DOSBOX PURE' core then installed within the emulator to replicate a gaming PC of the era. It's all explained in the video above, and it looks very cool when up and running.

To make the whole thing feel even more authentic, the YouTuber connects their Xbox Series S to an old school CRT monitor. This step looks like a bit of a faff given you have to dive into the emulator settings to enable a non-widescreen image, but still, the monitor certainly completes the '98' look!

As for how you can actually get this to work? Well, it's accessed via the console's Dev Mode, which costs $20 to activate and is only intended to be used by developers, so if you try this out for yourself it'll be at your own risk. MVG is an actual developer though (he worked on the Quake remaster), so that's an excuse right there for him to dive into all of this stuff!

What do you make of this Win98 setup on Series S? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below.