Once again, YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer has been taking a look at emulators on Xbox Series X|S, this time the brand-new 'XBSX2' method. This particular emulator looks mighty impressive, especially on Xbox Series S, so much so that MVG calls it "absolutely amazing" across the board.

But, what's the difference between this emulator and ones we've covered in the past? Well, the video breaks everything down but basically the XBSX2 emulator runs really well across both current-gen Xbox consoles, and it includes the ability to increase the resolution all the way up to 4K, and even beyond that!

There is a slight catch here, and it's one that the video goes into detail about. On Xbox Series S, MVG recommends sticking with 1440p res to hit those higher frame rates, whereas Xbox Series X fares a lot better at 4K resolution, which is understandable given the power difference. It's still possible to run Series S at 4K though!

As for how you can actually get this to work? Well, it's accessed via Dev Mode, which costs $20 to activate and is only intended to be used by developers, so we're not recommending you try this yourself. MVG is an actual developer though (he worked on the Quake remaster), and it's great to see his PS2 emulation footage looking so good here!

Impressed by how well the Xbox Series X|S can emulate the PS2? Let us know your thoughts down below.