The team over at Digital Foundry has finally dug into the performance of Hogwarts Legacy on all console platforms, and you can tell why it's taken this long! Not only did the outlet set out to cover the game's launch day versions rather than pre-release code, but it also tested 21(!) modes across three consoles.

On the day our review went live, we touched on the fact that Xbox Series X has five overall modes, but that doesn't count the fact that you can actually unlock the FPS for four of those modes on Series X and PS5, almost doubling the number of available options on those machines. Xbox Series S is also covered by DF, with that console containing three modes in total.

As you can see in the analysis video, the outlet showcases mixed results from pretty much every Hogwarts Legacy mode on both Xbox consoles. None of the available options seem wholly perfect, with the 30FPS fidelity mode providing the most stable experience.

"It's not a clean bill of health in performance terms, with troubling frame rate issues on Xbox consoles, which hopefully can be addressed in due course. Now that's not to say that PlayStation 5 is perfect on the other hand, but it's clearly substantially more stable across its main visual options."

Outside of performance, the DF team has high praise for the game's general visual style, which does a fantastic job at translating the look of the movies into video game form. Harry Potter fans - despite some niggling performance problems, this is the game for you!

"Ultimately, Hogwarts Legacy is a beautiful, expansive piece of fan service with a level of visual accomplishment that's likely to seriously impress those deeply into the wizarding world."

Have you tried out all of the available Hogwarts Legacy modes? Let us know your experience with the game down below.